I’m married for two years now. I have 11 months old daughter. Immediately after marriage we were staying with in-laws in their house. Eight months after marriage we moved into the new house which my husband has bought before marriage. Before marriage my in laws used to say that you people will be staying separately but when it was time to move, they were the first to pack up their things and move into the new house. During those eight months there was taunting from both of my in laws MIL and FIL. I have younger brother in law. He is also no way less than them. My in laws behavior in front of my husband is totally different than their behavior after him. They have become very aggressive since i have returned back with my baby from my parents house. Even my BIL though young will taunt me. Now he has shifted to Hyderabad for job. So now we are 5 in house including my baby. I had been to my parents place for 4 months for delivery. After coming back with baby they have become more aggressive. My MIL wont allow me to touch anything in kitchen. Once my husband told me to cook something and I cooked she started saying’ we are leaving this house and going back. This incidence happened one more time. But of course not in front of my husband. They will close the door of my bedroom for the whole day and be comfortable though I don’t trouble them at all, but in front of my husband they will shower all love on me. My MIL and FIL are taking care of my baby. They will tell me to keep maid but they will tell my husband that we are ready to take care of baby but its me who want to keep maid and who doesn’t want to give baby in their hand. My husband listens to nothing of mine. He says his parents are all very correct and perfect and it’s me who is creating all problems and troubling everyone. Otherwise we go along very well. But he is not at all understanding behavior of my in laws. Now they really want to move out of our place as now they understood that otherwise they will be busy in taking care of baby and they wont be able to enjoy free time but they want to give the blame on me for leaving house. MIL is trying to instigate me to fight. I am keeping quite. They keep me asking whether they should stay back or leave the house. I answer them saying its your house as well, what can I tell you, you can stay anywhere where you want to be and where you can be happy. But they don’t like this answer. What else should i say? should i beg in front of them saying please stay back with me. One day there was a big fight, being so elderly they are not even shy of lying, in the fight I didn’t say anything in particular or bad for them, I was just trying to defend myself, but my FIL said, now I’m leaving this house and he came to me and told, I am leaving this house, even I was furious and I said, your decision, I can’t help. And my husband got wild on me. Since then my FIL is not having dinner at my place though he is having lunch with us, if I’m there he won’t be in the house, or he will go to another room, my husband is blaming me, but he is totally neglecting their behavior, no other decision in the house is even conveyed to me, they three manage everything, I don’t even go to kitchen as MIL feels its her authority. According to them I should be sitting in my bedroom and should not get involved in any matter and my husband is also of similar opinion. I’m well qualified and working at high post, its difficult for me to take such treatment, after all we end up in the arguments and argument ends up with all blame on me, I don’t understand, just fade up, should I take the things further or should I go for any harsh step, I am just tired with all this, again my baby should not suffer because of their behavior, I don’t understand what to do. Now they have decided to move to their old house as they find themselves caught up with baby sitting and my husband is all blaming me for their decision and I have become helpless now.