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lice question.....again

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
thanks all for the tips!!! i just bought some teatree shampoo & conditioner, i'll be a faithful user for life!!!! i'm cleaning my whole house again right now. i'd really like to stay away from the furniture sprays, anyone know of a nautral alternative????

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
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i read somewhere that lice cant live off the head for very long. not 100% sure if thats right. ive never had to use anything on the furniture, but you do need to wash the bedding

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
thanks! there is so much conflicting info. on how long the can live. ill be vaccuming all my furniture, just cause i dont want to leave"any stone unturned". off to clean Gag Crying Shocked

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
As far as I know they can't live for long without a blood supply so to speak and they actually only have a 40 day life span even when they live on your head - that's why they leave eggs behind.

I would wash their bedding and the pillows though. xx

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