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nursery visit

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
been to look at the nursery/school closest to me today.

its lovely its just got a brand spanking new building. the nursery is right next door to the reception class and they join together sometimes.

i thaught that was a good idea taking away the fear of change. is that a usual thing in the nursery?

casey seemed to like it she was sitting down with the kids coulda prob left her and she'd have been happy.

think im goin to put her name down for it, but wanted to let lee know about it first. its only a 5min walk away the others in the town are 15+ mins away.

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
i know all the nurserys round hear have the rooms joined,they also share the same section of playground,then go onto the older infants playground and then the junior one.
the main thing is that casey enjoyed it and felt she could join in,i bet that made you feel so much better!! aww,soon she will be off making her little classroom friends and bringing em back for tea!! Clapping

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
- My blog
aww bless her thats good that she enjoyed it and wanted to join in with them all! I filled in the forms for Mia to start nursery too! Clapping

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
- My blog
Danni started a small one two afternoons a week until she goes into her free placement. She loves it but always cries when i drop her off.. ,

i put her in early because sheis an only child, and she looks so lonley some days

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Charlotte's nursery is joined onto Reception, they can all play at break times. She loves it.

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