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Putting the kids back in a room together (argh!)

posted 1 decade 6 years ago you may have gathered me and my OH have split. Still living together. As it stands we have been in seperated beds in the same room. I spent last night at a friends. My husband made the accusation that the children wern't even his! I mean seriously! Like I would put anyone, especially not me kids, through something like that!

Angry would be an understatement.

Anyway, things are now seriously unpleasant in our house. So today i am moving myself into the box room, so charlie and josh will have to share again.

Im really worried. Before when they shared they had a room divider so they coulnd tkill each other! I dont have one of these now. I am still going to have to gate the door other wise they will both be out destroying everything, which will mean i have to put a potty in the room for josh, which im sure will end up knocked over. I really dont know how i am going to get them to just lie down and go to sleep, they were such a nightmare and lost so mucgh sleep when they shared before.

I knowit is a good thing to do because we are putting our names on the council list and it would be really unlikely that we would get a three bed with them anyway.

Just not looking forward to it Sad Face

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
O hun, how old are Charlie and Josh? If one is slightly older you can put them to bed at different times. As for your husband, he is being stupid!After a relationship ends it can be b*tchy. I'd take no notice of him, he is just trying to cause an argument and upset you, Good luck with putting them in together, I hope they aren't naughty about it. Have you spoke to them about it?

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
no we havent said anything to the kids. it will all be very confusing for them. Im sure we will find a way to word it when needs be tho. I have told them they are going back into a room together, and they both seem happy about it.

I think the idea of them going to bed differnet times might work. If i sit and have story time with charlie for a good while she chills out and goes to sleep, will just have to do that I think.

Oh I am so not liking today Sad Face

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Thats a good idea. I'm sure everything will be fine Kiss

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
From my experience putting them to bed at the same time was a problem and they'd be up for hours playing about and annoying each other. Put them to bed in age order and they calm down, and go to sleep really well, especially with a story.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
definitely put them to bed seperately - learnt that lesson with isaac and 2 step sons!! youngest goes up at 8.30 then isaac at 9.15 (and cos he sleeps within 5 minute of head hitting pillow) eldest at 9.45pm - works a treat!!! and if the eldest is naughty (see other thread on parenting) he goes to bed the earliest!!!

good luck chick hope the council are good and get you your own place asap!!!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Good luck, can't give ya any advise since I only have one and I'm the one sharing a room with her now and will be if we move into this place I'm trying to get too Shocked

I hope it works out well, and you figure out a good routine, with out going nuts in the mean time Crazy

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
I would also agree with putting them to bed at separate times. We sometimes have my DH's BIL to stay and he is 10, we usually get Charlotte to sleep first (he sleeps on the bottom of her bunk) and then Edward goes to bed later on. It works well - but (sorry) - if one wakes up, usually the other isn't far behind!

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