I work for Stringfellows retail here in Yorkshire, I am really loving it. I left Ann Summers after 3 years as a manager tried the 9-5 well 10-6 actually lol and came back to party plan as it fits around my family a lot better. I never miss school activities, am here if they are sick and just like being a mum as well as working from home. As most parties are in the evening my hubby can take over for an hour before bed as I go to work. It really works well for us.The money is great hence coming here, prizes are even better month in month out and everything is dependant on how much time and effort you can put in. I have girls in my team now, some students, some at work wanting extra money a couple of nights a week, some wanting full time careers, its a mixed bag but all doing the same job and aiming for our own personal goals. If you want to give it a go just get in touch and I'll get some info to you.
I am looking for ladies in the Yorkshire area wanting to book parties too. They are great fun, hostess commission is great as are the hostess gifts and its a good chance to let your hair down, get together with friends you may not have seen for a while and have a great time shopping in your own home. Same as above if you want to book let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you.