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what do you think???? am i mad

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
hello girls i have a question for you
me and hubby want another baby
but those of you who dont know me
i have 3 kids already

emily whos 4 she starts school next month

rosie whos 3 at part time nursery in the mornings

lucy lou who is 2 and goes to playgroup in the mornings

the thing is do you think its wise to have a baby now or wait

thank you for any advice you give

love luisa..xxxxxx

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Sounds like you are a happy mummy, doin a great job - go for it girl! I'd have had more by now if my situtaion had been different. Starting to think I may have missed my chance to have any more. Grab the bull by the horns! (LOL so to speak!) Good luck hunni! xx

hapydazyhapydazy Moderator
posted 1 decade 1 year ago
I say go for it, definately if it's what you want.. I only have 1, she's 4 and I'm almost 38(only 1 more day, then I can't say almost anymore Sad ) in a relationship with someone who doesn't want any more kids... I kinda wish I had more than one Rolling Eyes

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
if thats what u both want babe go for it i no i would
good luck

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Totaly upto you sweetie xx

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
You've had your others close together so on the one hand I'd sayhave another soon. But then again only you know your situation(financial/ housing/ emotional,etc). For me once I got the feeling of wanting a baby I had to do it, I couldn't wait long before trying!

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
We waited untill child one is nearly three before thinking about another baby, but although I love my little man dearly motherhood does not come easily or natraly to me.

You are obviously thriving on being a busy mummy, if it's what you both want then go for it Very Happy
Good luck!

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
its not crazy at all Smile me and my brothers have 2 years between us all and it was lovely all growin up together Very Happy and my sons will have 23 months between them when kyle is born Smile hopefuly will be close brothers xxx

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
i really dont see the problem in whether u want a kid within months of one being born or waiting yrs!! its up to u and u know in yourself what u mum had my sis (now 33) and a month after she was born my mum was preg again with my other sis (now 32) and then 10 yrs down the line she had me!!! (im 22) my sis faught like cat and dog - which mum thinks its cuz they were to close and too similar - whereas me, as my sisters had left home by the time i started to 'grow up' i felt like an only child - holidays alone, never had to share a bedroom, never had anyone stay up til early hours talking - yeh i had a great childhood - i mean, i was spoilt rotten by both parents and 2 sisters!!! but at times, i wish i had someone to grow up with!

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
my step dad had no brothers or sisters kinda feel bad for him cus he didnt have any kids of his own, he was too use to bein spoilt rotten to do things himself bless so now he isnt anythin like uncle,brother,dad ect plus the only ppl he has on his blood side is dyin Sad (his mum and gran) hes 50 and his gran is still alive. anyways my point is never only have one child LOL cus he is sooo lazy you wouldnt believe LOL
sorry went off the subject LOL xxx

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
you go for it if its what you want. Im the oldest of six and although things were a struggle i wouldnt have it any other way, its nice to have loads of brothers and sisters, you never feel lonely. Smile

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
it is isnt it? im the youngest out of four and even tho there was loads of fights like kids do anyways no matter how many u have. we all love eachother and we all get along now Smile i wouldnt change my childhood, even tho my parents split up when i was 9 i think now if they stayed together it would of made life for me and my brothers worse as they werent in love. Smile xxx

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Hey that sounds like a great idea if its what you both want.
I say go for it. Try for a BOY Wink

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
go for it hun if you can afford it and have the room Thumbs Up

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