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Help! Daughter Has Been Kicked out of College! What do I do?

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Im sorry this post is a bit long but please bear with me because I just don't know what to do.

My daughter is 17 and has just done her first year at college doing childcare. She had one teacher half the week and another the rest of the week. One of the teachers was an awful woman (I know because I met her!) and my daughter, Sophie, didn't get on with her at all.

Well, Sophie has had special needs at school all the time growing up - a bit like dyslexia except with the spoken word instead of written. Instructions have to be clear and concise and she also has a terrible memory. She had a statement of educational need at school which is a legal document meaning she had to have a helper in certain subjects at school as well as one-to-one sessions. She is very bright, she just needs a bit of extra help.

I explained this all to the college in person, as well as in writing because sometimes it can seem as though she hasn't been listening properly or is being awkward which isn't the case. I have always felt as though they didn't really believe me and on the days when she had this specific teacher she would come home in tears. The sort of thing that would happen is that the teacher would say "Im going to put the names on the blackboard of all the pupils who have done well today" (bearing in mind they are all 17 and not 6!!!) and then she would write everyone's name except for Sophie's. This is just one example.

The other teacher she had was lovely and really liked Sophie and she also didn't like the other teacher very much. She stuck up for Sophie and did her utmost to get Sophie through her first year so that she could go on to the 2nd.

She did all the work she was supposed to have done and during her work experience at a local nursery the staff there sent a good report praising how well she looked after the children and we thought all was well for her next year at college. We were also happy that she was no longer going to have this awful teacher the next year. Sophie went for her college interview last week and the head of department at college said Sophie's attitude must change when she starts again in September (she only has an attitude when in that certain teacher's company!). I have also arranged for her previous school to send a report detailing Sophie's problems and how they were dealt with at school.

Well, yesterday we received a letter from the college saying that she hasn't been accepted for her 2nd year at college and we are devastated. I spent most of yesterday crying because I just don't know what to do now. I will obviously contact the college and ask why because it doesn't explain anything in the letter. I feel as though she has been unfairly dumped and now will have to find jobs that require no qualifications. What sort of future can she have now? Is there anything we can do?

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 6 years ago
I would contact the college on Monday to see why she was not accepted for her 2nd year (I would have thought she would have through automatically if she passed year 1 Confused ).

and if you are not happy with their answer take it higher (your MP if you have to- using her reports from school and this nice teachers report) I would also complain about the other teachers attitude towards your daughter.

Hope you get everything sorted (keep us informed)

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
i would contact the college on monday and if u dont have any look with them maybe contact the local education department and see if there is any thin they can do, i should think they is as they should know all about her statement hun, good luck Very happy

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
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omg hun. thats awful. id contact the college on monday too. let us know what happens hun

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
erm i havent had that problem myself,
but i am just like ur 20 now but when i went to high school they told my mum was i was that stupid i couldnt sit my gcse's and i would be a shop assistant for the rest of my life,well when i moved school's i did my gcse's and i am now in college studying art,i was gonna do childcare myself cus i love kids so much but i thought no way am i workin with kids all day and then comin home to them ha lol i was very scared of goin onto the course tho (all the writen work and that.
i had a letter last month from the college sayin i have a 10 year old readin and writin,i was upset but im use to it and im gonna try learn so i can teach my kids.
anyways back to ur problem there might be another college she can get accepted too or if not dont give up and think she will be in a dead end job cus there are loads more courses out there she would like.
my mum didnt do her gcse's and shes a nurse now with good pay and me i did think about doin hairdressin but its not what i wanted to do as a livin even tho im very good at dyin and cuttin hair.i thought art was gonna be a bit of fun as i couldnt get into childcare on time but it ends up im excellent so i want to be a ceramics teacher for the college.
it sounds like ur girl has had a tough time in college and college is about havin fun its nothin like high school and thats what i love about it.i hope she finds somethin in time Smile xxx

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