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posted 1 decade 6 years ago
OK im just going to vent about my DH. Embarassed
I love the guy to bits and i know he loves me very much so no big issues there...BUT he is doing my head in with his "hobby" Teeth he is currently restoring his beloved car that he has had since he was 17 yo hes now 36.
All he bloody talks about is his car i walk in the door from school and he gives me a quick kiss then BOOM out the door he goes "to his car"no hey how was your day or how ya feeling NOTHING!!!!
Latley he goes to the work shop and doesnt even come home for dinner!I dont want to turn into a nag and constantly call him but i dont want him to turn into all the other guys that hang out at the work shop either eg;they lie to their wives hardly spend time with there familys and booze on all day and night!
He isnt that bad YET but i am finding my patience is wearing thin "ill be home in 1 hour" turns into 3 or 4.He is a pretty cool guy and has not had an easy life so this is quite exciting for him to actually have the money to do up his car so that isnt my issue.Im just worried that he will get caught up with this crowd and well i hope im not being nasty but turn into one of them Shocked
Sorry ive babbled enough thanx for reading this i feel much better now i let it all out. Crazy

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
hi BF is also like that but im not allowed in the car lol..all he does it wash andpolish it or does bits and bobs to least u get a kiss i dont lol,...when i ask him to take me to shop he wont..if i get in the car he watches my every move lol..he also prefare to drink with his mates then me..i think im just the spare part in this relationship..ive told him loads of times that i want to spend time with him and that he needs to be more of a dad to jessie..but nope his car his is baby

Hope you get things sorted hun..Your not alone


posted 1 decade 6 years ago
My hubby is like that and not only his own car but always fixing his friends for them. He's always out the front or at the yard and when he's in he's on car forums. He's even become an area rep for one site which means he actually travels to fix cars of people he only knows from the site which TOTALLY f**ks me off. Or one of his mates will be ringing asking "my car's doing this what does that mean?" or "can you get the bits for me off ebay coz you know what I need, then I'll give you the money back and then can you fit them onto the car" etc etc. Otherwise he's fishing or climbing.
I'm at the stage now where most of the time I just ignore it and get on with life but when it really gets to me I tell him how it is. That I'm sick of it and that if he's gonna be out all the time I may as well be a single parent coz we have to spend time together to have a relationship. So he can spend time with me or Angry They don't like hearing it but they know you're right and at the end of the day they'd be pretty gutted if they came in from their affair with their cars and had an empty space in the bad next to them!!!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Kiss i know how you feel my DH is also into the forums hence why i never get to go on-line often!
Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Hon, I know exactly how you feel. My DH is a mechanic and is obsessed with cars and trying to restore old bangers into their former glory days. Quite often he goes on and on about one particular engine problem he's had and I try to be supportive and listen and nod but alot of the time I feel like my eyes are glazing over and my mind wanders off somewhere else! I just don't share the passion he has for it.

On the other hand, I suppose I'm glad that he has a hobby and is passionate about something rather than spending his time lazing about the house or at the pub! He does get carried away sometimes and forgets to ask me about my day but what I do is not wait for him to ask, I just tell him and make sure I get my feelings across. Men seem to think very differently to women and often don't remember to ask about feelings but when you do tell them they (hopefully) will listen. Perhaps you need to just have a word and say that its great that he has a hobby that he loves but could you also book in some alone time with him and if you know that you have that then you'll probably feel less stressed when he is busy with the car. When people get very focussed on something I honestly think they don't realise how much time it is taking (especially when its something you enjoy) and he would probably be surprised if he knew how annoyed you were about it.

Good luck!!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Kiss Thanks for your support guys i think he has got the message loud and clear now! Embarassed Im a bit ashamed of myself as i caused a huge row between us and its not like me.I have held my head down in shame as i sounded like a raving lunatic i even managed to scare myself! Shocked
BUT...its all sorted we had a good laugh about it all and he promised not to turn into a drunk grease monkey lol and i promised not to be such a nag Crazy

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