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Had enough of 20 yr old stepson

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Please can someone help! I've had enough of being treated like poo on my stepson's shoe! He's 20 and acts like a spoilt brat! My 5 yr old is more mature than he is!!! His dad and i found out that he paid for car repairs on his nan's debit card AFTER she agreed to lend him £200 for the repairs.. so he basically walked away with the agreed £200 PLUS the £90 paid for the car repair. His dad gets his mother in law's statements as she isnt able to sort things out for herself anymore due to her health. When my DH asked how stepson paid for the car, he said he paid in my DH basically said he was a liar and he knew how he paid for the car...stepson went quiet then just walked away. His attitude towards us is disgusting. He talks to me like crap.. if i have a go at him about it, he basically tells me how dare i talk to him like that! Angry His attitude towards women is diabolical. Time and Time again we've talked to him about it and he just doesnt listen!!! He cant afford to leave home as he's got himself into financial poop. One day i gave him a clip round the ear as he said something really bad to me. He basically said he would get the police onto me for assault!!! Shocked

He used to be a church goer, a really lovely lad with morals, never swore, never drank, respected people. Since he left the church over 2 yrs ago, he's basically turning into someone like my first husband, who abused me both pyhsically and emotionally. I've told him that i'm not sharing a house with someone who reminds me of my ex and to get a grip and grow up!!!

What the heck can i do? His dad and i are at the end of our rope!!! Angry

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Kiss Sorry hun not sure what to suggest, he sounds like a real Angry

He needs to grow up quick could he not go stay with a friend to give you a break x x x

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
tell him that if he dont start treating u both with respect then u want him might scare him..or pretend that u have packed his bags and u are throwing him out..

That all i can think of sorry

RichRich Moderator
posted 1 decade 6 years ago
I know he's your partners son and all, but I would, if he was being that nasty and vindictive, tell him to pack his bags and move out...the shock of this could be enough to rectify some problems as he knows he has his feet well under the table and is secure no matter what he does. Your Partner could also tell him that he will get he police involved for using a credit card under a fraudulant nature, what he did with the card was illegal after all...shock tactics are all that are going to work now I think, you have tried the nice approach, now try the other side of the fence!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Oh sorry your having problems hun Kiss I think Rich has some good advice x

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