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Which perfume do you use?

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
I haven't had any in ages and I just don't know which one to go for! What do you girlies like? (That won't cost me an arm and a leg!)

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
ive got the 3 of britney spears perfume

curious in control and fantasy and i love them all

i also wear ghost deep night

i had jade goodys shh for xmas and its rank i must say wont wear that at all Gag

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
the one by dolce n garbabna is lovely
and beauitful by estee lauder Very Happy they are my fav!

oh and emporuim..the new one in the blue bottle! Very Happy

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
cosh ive so many yet never wear any as i developed an allergy after having caitlin.smell wise i love cerruti

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Thanks girlies I will try some of those out this weekend! I like the look of the Agent Provocateur one as well but no idea if it actually smells nice, LOL. Smile

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Cerutti 1881 is lovely Thumbs Up

Curious is good aswell

Happy shopping Becky

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
I havent worn any for ages either, but i tried the touch of pink tester, and it was lovely.

sugarsugar Moderator
posted 1 decade 1 year ago
ATM I have got on my dressing table:
Angel - very expensive though! (average £60 a bottle - small one!)
Britney Spears - Fanatsy (gorgeous!)
Britney Spears - curious (ditto LOL)
Lacoste - touch of pink - really light and fruity!

jandbsmumjandbsmum Moderator
posted 1 decade 1 year ago
oh i only like spicey perfumes myself. the flowery spicy ones just dont smell right on me. i always wear obsession, opium or hugo deep red.

anything elsse just doesnt suit me.

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
I usually have to wear heavy scents as most erfume smells like cat pee on me.

I wear -hugo boss deep red - Joop - Escada - Prada - britney, Curios and some other stuff but I cant remember!

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
I wear Britney Spears - Fantasy too, people always ask me what I'm wearing when I have this on!

I also use Escada - Sunset Heat, DKNY - Be Delicious and Ralph Lauren - Romance.


posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Argent Procov.....teur, isnt that nice, although everyone is different. My mum likes it and wears it but its just too overpowering for me. It makes me reach.

I wear armrni code...expensive but lovely. xxx

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
- My blog
Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Love

Elizabeth Arden's True Love Love Love

Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers Love


Windsong Cool

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
i have so many but here is some of my fav

Dior- Addict 2
hoyo boss -Intense
paco -Rabanne Ultraviolat
Givenchy -Irresistable
Lacoste -pink and touch of spring

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Love my absolute all time fave is tommy girl?

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
I have tons of perfumes but have a handful of faves. My fave ever is Armani she, its in a gold kind of bottle. I always have a bottle of that (and sometimes the body lotion too yum!)

My fave day wear ones are fresh fruity smells like touch of pink - lacoste, be delicious red apple- dkny, polo sport - raplh lauren, Gucci II pink.

My more intense ones would be alien - Theirry Mulger (not sure how to spell that??), Hypnose - lancome.

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
i love coolwaters very rare i use anything else x

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
It depends I don't often wear anything expensive, I've got a small bottle of M&S Per Una for my handbag for work but it's really low at the moment so need to think of getting some more.

I wear the expensive stuff if I'm off somewhere nice (not often LOL), I like Lou Lou or Ghost Serenity.

posted 1 decade 10 months ago

Just thought I'd tell you what I wear...

Dune -Christian Dior
Light Blue - Dolce and Gabbana
Beyond Paradise -Estee Lauder
Hot Couture - Givenchy

Happy choosing Very Happy

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
Hi there

My ultimate fave is Jean Paul Gaultier, you know the bottle, the lady with the big boobies Rolling Eyes I tend to ask for it for Xmas cos its a bit pricey. I also love Samsara from Guerlian which is really quite sexy but also a bit pricey so i dont have that very often! I'm a musky kinda gal, dont go for the florals much and i hate those citrus scents as they give me a headache.

During the day i tend to wear Impulse a lot so i can save my perfumes for best. Thumbs Up

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