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HowEXHAUSTED Pregnant mum keeps children amused in holidays

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Keeping children amused throughout the long summer holidays can be very hard for parents especially if you are heavily pregnant,and tired a lot of the time, Here are some cost effective helpful hints and tips for the under 5's and 5 + to help keep them,happy and amused and help develop skills to aid in their development.

If you need any more suggestions just send an email see our blogg with our website details UNDER 5.....

let the children help around the garden ie water plants, planting seeds, looking under stones for insects, worms etc.Follow on activity with drawing or painting pictures of the insects afterwards.

a box of chalks-encourage children to draw on paths or a large paving stones,ie shapes, making patterns, drawing numbers the rain will wash it off afterwards ready for use another day.

lots of fun to be had with water guns, do not be affraid to join in the fun for all the family.

A cat proof sand tray or An old washing up bowl filled with play sand(available cheap from Tesco)Multi use here, one day can be used with small cars, diggers,tractors.another day A treasure hunt hiding shells etc,then another day bucket and spades.

Indoor or outdoors, very large cardboard boxes,foil plates, tissue paper,paper glue etc let children make their own transport, cars, planes etc when they are dry they can sit in them for even more fun,laughter and play.

Let children fill empty cereal boxes with newspaper and celotape together to make more sturdy,use tins of beans,fruit from cupboards etc a table, purse, shopping bag (not plastic for safety reasons)Children can play pretend shopping and objects can be stored away for another day.

Indoor/Outdoors Teddy bears picnic.Use an old table cloth or sheet with teddys or child's favourite dolls etc use plastic cups and plates.Encourage children to make their own lunch ie sandwhiches,make fairy cakes or chocolate cornflake cakes,try different types of fruit children have fun whilst learning then enjoy the picnic afterwards.


Buy child's favourite character lunchbox.fill with crayons, books and pocket money toys just for the car,change the contents regulary for ease when travelling on long car journeys.Must only be used for trips out and about so children can look forward to revealing the goodies inside to keeping them amused for the day.

Art and craft activities keep children amused try using a different one each day ie bead making,using clay, painting materials,Start collecting silver milk bottle tops,cardboard rolls,scraps of material etc In a huge box. let children rummage through and choose what they are going to make. when dry they can paint them another day.

As children like to play computer games,You can encourage excercise by taking a picnic they have prepared themselves to the park or woods.Take in a large shopping bag with cricket bats large football etc for a cheap fun day out.

Wellingtons, bucket and net visit marchland, ponds (with safety and care in mind)or small stream looking under rocks in water to find water snails,,fish etc encourage children to talk about the world around them.

collect old clothes from wardrobe and place in a suitcase or box encourage children to dress up and act out a play they have made up themselves in front of whole family.

Surprise children with a theatre night in.Let children go out of the room whilst you prepare the room in secret.choose a video or dvd they havent see before, close curtains,children can sit on floor with friends on cushions bean bags etc put funky straws in drinks, popcorn in dishes and prepare little snacks on a tray. Adult pretends to be usher or an older child and uses a torch to give out snacks to children whilst they sit in comfort and watch the film

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
- My blog
thanks for the tips! im feeling the strain now with my bump and bad back and monster of a toddler!

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
put cbeebies on for toddler,put your feet up when you can with a cool refreshing drink cheers

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