I tried to BF Jas but as she was premature she would just not latch on and cried. To be honest, before she was born I was adamant that I would NOT BF no matter how hard everyone pushed. Once I saw her though, I wanted to give her anything I could so I expressed for a few months but she was a very hungry baby and we had been giving formula too so I didn't get a great deal out but I'm pleased she got something.

With Sophie I was determined to BF and so far I've managed solely to do that. I suffered terrible pains and cracked nipples but tried a nipple shield which gave me some relief and then after a few days fed without again until they cracked again and so on for a few weeks until suddenly, without really noticing, I stopped using the breast shield altogether.

I do enjoy just being able to feed when she's hungry without having to get out of bed Halo I also try and express a bit for Mike to be able to feed (she'll drink from anything that contains milk it seems Very happy ) and I get anywhere from 2-4oz per boob.

The only thing that I miss is spicy foods. Sophie just can't tolerate things like chilli and curry going through my system - which is a pity as I LOVE those foods and they featured very heavily in my diet Teeth

I do have to watch that I drink enough fluids as I've found anything less than about 4 pints a day and my milk goes down (noticeable from expressing and the fact that Sophie then wants both boobs at every feed!).

I would like to feed Sophie until I start weaning. I think I'd be pretty happy to manage for that long. Mind you, if I can't I won't be disappointed.

I also think that anyone who BF, even if it was for a couple of days, you've given your little one a precious gift and should be very proud of yourselves Love