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How many of us BF but felt guilty when you had to stop?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
What's a good way to ween a baby off breast-feeding and switch to the bottle? Our baby refuses to drink from a bottle or cup.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Express milk and give in a doidy cup.

Once he's used to the doidy cup, start giving him some formula in the same cup, once he's had a drained the breast milk first. Usually they keep drinking, even though the taste is so different (have the formula ready to go!).

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I didn't BF Charlotte but was made to feel guilty about it. I once went to baby massage classes and someone very vocally tutted when I got out Charlotte's bottle Tounge Out

I tried my hardest to get George to BF but it sort of went bum over boob straight away, he had to be rushed to special care and he was tube fed formula while he was in there...not a great start! He didn't like his head touched while he was trying to latch on and he would scream. Then he would latch on and pull straight off again. I had every mw in that ward trying to help me. He had one feed in the morning which went well but the mw said they wanted to witness it again Mad Everytime he latched on I had to reach for the buzzer to call the mw which would upset him or they didn't turn up in time (or at all) as he was only on for a few minutes at a time.

My hubby wanted us home (we were transfered to hospital after a homebirth) and was nagging me to just give him a bottle I was in floods of tears and I gave in, I wanted to go home and see Charlotte. I half expressed half formula fed for 3 weeks and then I just switched him totally onto formula but then had loads of problems with it making him sick. The health visitor told me not to switch his formula but he was literally throwing up his whole feed so I put him on cow & gate comfort and that helped keep at least some of it down. I felt abandoned, no one really gave a stuff tbh.

Sorry about the epic LOL!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
aww hun im sorry u had a terrible experience, i dunno why mws are like that! Very happy

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
me me me tried to breastfeed ethan but he was such a hungry baby wanting to be fed every half hour and I just couldnt do it,it was like I couldnt fill him,in the end I switched to formula which seemed to satisfy him,with conrad I didnt breastfeed at all as had 19 hours of hard labour then a c-section and couldnt lift him for a whole day

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I've been feeding my ellie now for 7months. It was something that i said i was going to try and do when i was pregnant and my husband would have liked me to BF aswell.

I only just managed it though ellie would latch on for about a day or so when she was born and i was getting upset thinking i wasn't any good then out of no where she latched on now after 7 months i am trying to stop as she has 6 VERY sharp teeth this is more of a challange that putting her on was.

In all i have found it to be a fantastic bonding with ellie, convienant and free.

If im honest there has been days where i was so tired and i thought it would be nice if someone would be able to sort her out than been on my boob especially when she was having a growth spurt and she'd been an extra body part for me for a day.

But very glad i have be lucky enough to be able to do it. Def. will be doing it with the next baby.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I applaud anyone who can do it but it just doesnt work for eveyone including me,and to be honest wouldnt try again with next baby as know I cant do it,I had two healthy boys who where satisfied with a full tummy and cuddled and talked to whilst feed,I still did the skin to skin etc,so am happy my boys where bottlefeed as this is what worked for us Very happy

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
- My blog
i only managed to breastfeed for 3weeks and it broke my heart i woke up one morning and it had gone completely there was nothing there. hoping im going to last longer this time lol think i know why it dried up hubby didnt help me out much he wanted his dinner and left me holding baby so by the time he finished and i got mine i couldnt eat it + i wasnt sleeping or drinking was scared of weeing coz of stitches lol
so gonna do all that diff this time Smile well hope to hehe

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
im quite upset that i had to stop breast feeding hayden, think its made worse by fact i had very little choice. i fed for 4weeks and 4 days, right up until i was taken in to hospital, they were very nice and while i was sedated they expressed for me but there was too much drugs in there and they werent gettin much off. so we stopped and i dried up before i got out. also the some of the drugs im on may pass to him and im not havin that and he took really well to the bottle so theres no need to change him again.

casey however had none of the breast she just fell asleep as soon as i put her on, and there was very little supply.

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Man. This drives me crazy. The guilt we are made to feel about BF'ing. I couldn't get number one to latch and ended up going through hell pumping and fighting to get the breast milk in him. When I finally gave up it was in a way a relief, but I felt so GUILTY. And other people added to that.

My son is FINE. He's a healthy happy 7 year old. My three year old was breast fed easier, for a longer time. He's fine too.

Really. We all know it's good for the baby. It also has to be about what's good for the mom. Maybe not a popular opinion, but mom's need to stay healthy and happy when they have babes. And sometimes bfing is just too hard and gets moms too stressed out.

whew. off my chest, so to speak

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Harrison is a very bug boy and was drinkin 8-9oz at 10 weeks old(yes i know)

I expressed for 8 weeks as he never took to the breas even though everyone tried to help.

I feel i did well, and am not going to beat my self up over only 8 weeks as i was on the pump for over 6 hrs a day, as well as feeding Harrison once i had pumped and then looking after him.

I had to top him up with formula as it was simply not enough for him

He is now not drinking 9oz, he is not as greedy thank god


posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Big boy(woops)

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Hi everyone, i breastfed for 6 months then weaned him. Felt terrible when stopped but he had lost interest and was ready for baby food. I only managed 2 weeks with my eldest as the stupid doctor put me on the wrong pill which made my milk go back

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I didn't BF my first daughter as she was born by emergency c-section and i was quite poorly afterwards, by the time i was up to it she had already had seeral bttles and didn't want to latch on and by belly was really sore from the op so i thought if she is happy on bottles i will just keep at it. when my son was born (he was VBAC)i was determined to try and he latched on great but he wanted to feed every hr for 50mins or so so i was getting about 10mins between feeds. It was exhausting and my milk didn't come in properly for a week. I managed for 4days exclusively but my daughter wasn't getting any time with me at all as her brother was constantly clamped to my nipple. I started mixed feeding at 4days and lasted until 10weeks but my milk was drying up as he was drinking more bottles and he got lazy with latching on as it is much easier for them to suck at a bottle. It was taking ages to latch him on to breast only for him tolet goo again 2min later so i stopped. I felt guilty for ages though as i really wanted to do it this time. I envy people who ave the stamina to continue foe so long, my friend is still giving a BF at night to her daughter now and she is 17mths now!

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
hi.. i just want to share my experience in BF. I BF my eldest daughter until she was 7 months old. I had to stop it because i was 2 month pregnancy. Luckily, my daughter can accept bottle. After deliver the second baby.. i also BF him. But at this time, i got a big problem whereby my son didnt like any cow milk or drink milk from bottle. I have to stop him since i was pregnant for a boy when he was 5 month old. The doctor did advised me to stop the BF bcoz it can affect the baby. I did everything to stop him from BF until one day (he was 11 month old and my pregnancy was 6 month old)... when he was wake up from sleep.. i ask him to follow me to the kitchen and show him how to mix the milk in the bottle. He quite interested with my doing and without any delay he drink the milk. So, this is how I stop my BF and give the cow milk to my son. And thank god... my third baby was delivered without any problem and now my kids are 5 years old, 3 years old, 2 years old and 10 month-old...

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
Suspect did not bother me i just put DD on bottle

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
ollie didnt wasnt expressing enopugh.chelsea didnt
talia did it for 8 wks and mason for 6 weeks
Flower it down to the individual person bottle or boob is fine as long baby is thriving and is content Very happy

posted 1 decade 4 years ago

i eventually gave up completly after 3 months

he was so hungry and would just scream at me constantly it was all so upsetting Crying he would latch on for about 30 seconds then pull off me a scream Suspect

i dont really know what was going on tbh, i could of done with more support i guess but i didn't think to look any further than the books infront of me

so we added a bottle of formula in the morning .....and then one at night ......and then one at lunch ......and then at 3 months old we just gave up completly with the breastfeeding mostly because i needed to take antibiotics but also because i could see it just wasn't working

im sooooo determined to get my bobbies to work this time round

breast feeding is not easy

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
This is a great topic Very happy , i hve recently had to cut down on breastfeeds for my 7 week old son as i wasn't full-filling his needs on breast milk alone. We became two very tired, hungry, frustrated people! I only BF in the mornings now and give one bottle of expressed, later in the day.

I still feel sooo guilty and continually panic about milk allergies, and contamination, impurities etc.

reading all your replies and experiences has really helped me feel better and that i am not alone, even when you do everything "right" there are no guarntees. Thanks!!!! Smile

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
well ive lasted longer than i did last time altough i am mixed feeding - he has 6oz a day so that we dont end back up in hospital again for poor weight gain

we are now at 13 weeks and ive discovered that i have insuffient glandular tissue caused most probably by my pcosit makes breast feeding almost impossible but ive still not given up

im taking a drug called domperidone and a herb called fenugreek to boost my milk supply and im hoping to get a super duper pump from the hospital for no rental charge on monday

i have had such a hard time both times but at least i know why now

im still fighting to make it work the 1st 4 weeks were very painfull with split nipples

my dream would be to breastfeed untill he self weans be that at 8 months or two years

for all you girls who feed untill baby wasn't intrested anymore. well done Very happy Very happy you did it , you fed untill your baby weaned, thats all we can do and you done it

dont feel guilty feel proud, the age your baby weans is not in your control

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