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posted 1 decade 3 years ago
i hate h/v`s they are supposed to be there to help and support not criticse and upset people Mad

i would complain about her jumped up little health Nazi Mad Mad

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Kiss OMG hunny i just read all this and i think the way you got treated is disgusting.I would not have been able to stay so calm if anybody said all those nasty comments to me so i commend you for your patience and tolerance.I also agree with what everybody has said on this post i would report her.Don't let this Angry up woman make you think your not a good mum or that you need to go on meds,do what you feel is right by you and your daughter.OMG vacuming at 10 months where the Angry does this woman get off on telling you your daughter should vacume??????????????
All children and mothers are different so don't take it all to heart hun just keep doing what your doing and stay happy.xxxxxxxxx

posted 1 decade 3 years ago
Izzys gone to her dads and hes planning on bringing her back either next mon or tues, prob the tues as that izzys baby group day and he wants to take her to get weighed as he hasnt done that before and from what he said hes going to be having words with her about what she said to me, which im a bit worried about if he does as i know what hes like. I was so close to kicking her out while she was saying it but i knwo if she had said it front of izzs dad he would have lost it and kicked her out..

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