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potty training

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
hi i was wondering if anyone can help me my son is 5 and has mild aurtism and still wont use the toilet for a poo he goes ok for a wee but always poos in a nappie or his underpance and he always tells you after hes done it ive tryed lots of pottys over the house, ive tryed thomas sticker charts, getting presents lots of clapping and cheering, trips to his favourite toy shop toys r us but nothing works can any one help my other baby is due jan 4th i was hoping he will be out of them by then

posted 1 decade 7 years ago

i had this when i was training my daughter. She used to go for a wee in the loo, then go downstairs and poo in her potty Wink

I think its just a matter of time really, you are doing everything right so far so i think he'll just do it when he's ready. Meggie just one day decided that she wanted to poo in the big toilet and that was that.. sorted.

good luck and try not to stress too much, i know thats easier said than done tho huh!! xx

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