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what a clever big cousin

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 7 years ago
At the weekend my sister was out with her boys (the eldest is being potty trained) Joseph disappeared to the toilet and little cousin followed Wink well before we knew it Joseph was running around the house telling us little cousin had stood to wee!! and that he was so proud of him. Fearing wee on the floor my auntie went to investigate and my little nephew decided he had to show her how he did it,lifted the lid and the seat, pulled his trousers done, held his willie and rested it on the toilet Wink and tried to sqeeze something out and when she praised him he tried harder!!! he had no luck though

I find this funny because Joseph has been out of nappies for nearly 2 years and has just learned to stand (he still doesnt to it all the time) and here he is showing his little cousin how to do it.

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
awww bless him..

well done Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
awww, that's so sweet Love

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Very happy aww how sweet well done Joseph, he can tell lil cousin he learned him how to stand when he is older hehe

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Aww thats really cute! Very happy

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