Hi there

Firstly, I hope it's OK to post on here. I checked for a media section and couldn't find one, so sorry if there is a rule I didn't notice, but I wasn't sure.

I work for women's weekly magazine called Real People, published by Natmags, and we have a section called Mum to Mum, in whch one mum shares a problem or issue she has, and another mum who has been through it offers her advice.

We'd like to do one on a mum who thought she had completed her family, and has discovered she is pregnant unexpectedly, and is worried about telling her other children, other members of the family and about the impact on the family unit.

Also, we'd like to talk to a mum who has been through this to offer her advice and experiences.

Both interviews are done on the phone, and the mums don't have to meet each other or even talk to each other, but both do need to be pictured and named.

We can pay a small fee as a thank you.

If you're interested please contact me on emma.hawes@acp-natmag.co.uk or call me on 020 7339 4467.