Hi All,
A close friend asked me to be a bridesmaid last year, I since got pregnant but still tried to support her. The other bridesmaids she picked were not my friends I knew with but I tried to work with them as best i could.
While trying to plan her hen I was taken into hospital and my baby was born via an emergency c section under aesthetic 2 months premature, he needed resuscitation and was taken to neonatal and I was on a different ward due to extreme blood loss.
Because of this I had to pause my involvement in the wedding. My friend who was getting married asked if I was still coming to the hen, I said I couldn't really focus on it right now and just needed some time.
4 days after having my son she messaged to say she didn't want me as a bridesmaid as I couldn't give 100%.
I was devastated, she wouldn't speak with me so I ended up sending a message sharing that I didn't understand, was upset but wishing her luck.
A few days later we did speak and she asked me to be a bridesmaid again and I agreed.
When it came to the hen less than 8 weeks after giving birth I went for a short while but was still sore and my baby was still being monitored.
I had hoped she would understand that I had done what I could, but she and the other bridesmaids were very frosty with me and on the day of the wedding I overheard her tell the photographer I wasn't really a bridesmaid.
The whole thing has hurt so much, I can see it from her perspective as she has done alot for me over the years. I sent a small gift and apologised for not been able to be there as much as I would have liked.
I offered to take her out to make up for missing her hen.
She remains very distant and won't talk to me about it.
I am ruminating on it a lot and not sure what more I can do.
Just hoping for some objective advice on whether to keep trying or how to move on without closure?
Thank you