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Anyone travelled with BA to the USA with a LO??

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Hi all,

We have finally booked our trip to the USA for the summer and we booked with BA. Just wondered what they were like with children. We have the front seats as we have a cot for Elani, so that is extra leg room, so thats a good thing. To be honest i am dreading it, 7 hours with a 1 year old....arrrgghhhh. I am banking on her good looks to win the other passengers over!!! Plus what do i take on board????? They provide a meal for her, but what is it like? What food should i take, activities to keep her!!!!

Shocked Shocked Cuckoo

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
hey hu i thought the same about my daughter but she was a star and they are great on b with kids just take her something to play with as for the food side of it i dont think u r allowed to take food on a aircraft that will be something u check out first before u pack something up for hr but like i said she will love it to her it will be like being in the car as my daughter described its like floating through a bowl of ice cream in among the clouds have a great time

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