Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'm 24 years old. I have a daughter who is 4 and I'm a single mum due to my partner leaving to be with a work colleague 2 years ago.

I seem to always be struggling financially with more money going out than coming in. Having to buy food and pay bills for heating and power usually means that my most important one, the rent suffers the most and at it's worst it became a deficit of more than -£1,000. My landlord was understanding but the whole thing was a drain on me.

Now 7 months ago my landlords 22 year old son who became aware of the deficit turned up at the flat and offered to help me out financially in exchange for sex. I told him where to go initially but as my situation got worse he would occasionally turn up to repeat his offer and 4 months ago I gave in to his demand in order to help keep a roof over my daughter's head.

He's now turning up twice a week for sex during his lunch break at his work when my daughter is at pre-school. He's not rough or anything and I've become more relaxed about it recently although he insists on finishing in my mouth which I don't like. He does a transfer into my bank account and I pay this into my rental account before we do the deed.

The balance is now coming down and I was feeling more calm about the situation but recently he turned up with one of his mates and pressured me into this with his mate as well. After he was finished he went back to work leaving me with his friend who gave me cash. Now they both turn up together every time and this is been happening for 3 weeks now.

I was planning to end the arrangement once my rental balance was back in the positive which it is now close to but with his friend getting involved I now have money to buy more than just food and have been buying my daughter more clothes recently. I like being able to do this and want to be able to buy my daughter more things but if I end the arrangement then I just return to my original financial situation so I'm not sure what to do.