Infertility to parents
Infertility is a sperm disorder or the inability to conceive some reason for it have not yet identified or may be the weak sperm

I can advise couple who have been trying to conceive for more than years especially when they have been having unprotected sex for more than years and no child has been conceived .I think it's the best to see a doctor but mostly things can go wrong in female for not being able to carry the child full term
Infertility can have many causes as age spouse sperm count and morphological smoking, weight whether or not a woman ovulate or not. The infertility conditions can be present in both partners . This cause may be physical including immature sexual organs abnormalities of the reproductive system or may be the hormonal imbalance and the dysfunction or abnormalities in other organ system male and female can be treated and also that will be like drugs that will help to assist in the reproductive technology in their vitro fertilization
The women have more test they have to go through for diagnosis when she is experiencing infertility. A doctor will have to do an x-ray using fluids that is injected into the uterus to see if it properly travels through the fallopian tube and we called that the HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAPHY .This will make sure there is no blockage or scaning with a laporoscopy

The causes of infertility in men and women vary widely and medical imaging typically plays a role in their diagnosis and treatment .
In recent years several factors have altered the definition of family, we live in a time where carees education and work are now put before starting a family making it more difficult to have childern
Infertility treatment have become the best choice for these people who don't have childern .parents who faces infertility may feel distressed that they are not able to become parents especially if it is one of their life goals.