Hello all, I'm a 1st time mom and have a 2 month old girl.
Our journey together was rough from birth and to the point, we got introduced the shield on her second day of life since I was hurting and bleeding. On the third she had to take formula and they had me pumping on the fourth day, which made my breasts hurt so bad I almost had to stop BF at all.
I was able to feed her with the shield and by the first month I figured I would wean her from them back to the breast, since it didn't hurt anymore. It wasn't easy and she kept fighting and getting frustrated quickly to the point she fought both, the breast and the shield. After a while she got used to the breast and everything was fine, still needing a bottle (my milk wasn't enough and I also have several clogged ducts since day one and they get clogged again after BF).
Three weeks ago she would start to suckle a couple times and then start crying like hell broke loose. Then she would only feed on one breast, then she only fed in the morning with a full breast. Now she has almost completely stopped taking the breast even near her. I pump and feed her breast milk with the bottle and formula, but it makes me cry every time she gets so upset. It's like she's hurting. I want to breast feed her so badly.
I also have issues with having extremely large breasts so it's difficult to find a position we are both comfortable in. I have tried several and no different results.
Hope someone can help me out.