Hi mums! I am mum to 2 school aged children and have been an Ofsted Registered ‘outstanding in all areas’ childminder to over 30 children over the past 9 years!

I chose not to return to my previous demanding and stressful career during my maternity leave as it was important to me to find a way to spend the early years with my children as my mum did with me. Not for everyone I know, but it was for me. Which is why I turned to childminding. Complete change in career direction, much to the amazement of my friends and ex-colleagues!
My plan was to introduce something else into my home-based career that would fulfil me in a way that childminding couldn’t, but never really found anything that took my interest, nothing that I thought would really be rewarding enough to make me happy or make me enough money to continue working from home whilst phasing the childminding out when my children both started school.

Then a little over a year ago, I was introduced to a business opportunity that really sparked my excitement and seemed to be something that I really should have started years ago. Perfect for me in many ways. It made complete sense to me that this was the direction I needed to take.

I started a new business venture in one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. Travel!

Over the past year I have been establishing a successful travel business and I have building a huge client base who have turned into repeat clients, all with the help of incredible training and support in all areas of the business from a reputable company, top industry suppliers and a super supportive team. All this alongside working part time as an Ofsted Registered Childminder and managing my busy family life.

I am now hoping I might find a likeminded, fun and motivated travel lover in here, who is keen to work from home and establish their business with my guidance.
If you think this might suit you or someone you know, please do get in touch.

You’ll benefit from everything you need to be successful - you’ll receive full start up and continuous training in all areas of the business. You’ll learn how to market and establish your business. You’ll receive ongoing mentoring and support from a wonderful team too. You’ll also receive your professional personal website, booking engines, marketing tools and partnerships with many top industry travel suppliers who will help to create the best holidays and experiences for you, your friends, family and your clients.
Fit the hours round your job and family life, work as much as you want as there are no targets or sales quotas at all.
Choose to work Full Time, Part Time or simply earn residual income in your Leisure Time.

Establish your travel business and make a career out of it. Many of our team have incredible home business success.
Earn high commission on Hotels, Cruises, Travel, Day Trips, Theatre Bookings & more.
Create wonderful holidays for yourself and others. Choose to specialise, with plenty top industry partner training.

Team incentives and bonuses are available to those wishing to progress but that’s optional.
The best bonus is incredible discounts on your own travel as you get insider trade rates.

Everyone travels or knows someone who does, so why not you be the one booking and earning from it?

This business opportunity truly is exciting and rewarding.
Please do get in touch to chat further if you’re curious.
Many thanks,