Hi all,

Really desperate for some advice now Sad Face its driving me crazy.
So I had a really dodgy period like 1 day of bleeding and the rest just brown Mark's on my tampon. This was followed by a week of constant neusea and a weekend of crazy mood swings the kind I get when I'm on my period.
I took 2 boots pregnancy tests and got 2 positives. I then took 2 sainsburies cheapies and a frer and got negatives, I then bought more boots ones, took one got a negative, took another frer got a negative and then took another boots one and got a positive. My doctors reffered me straight to the midwife and I have an appointment in 2 weeks!
I spoke to the midwife and told her my concern about all the mixed results! She said the positives wouldn't be positive if they weren't so congratulations! I was cramping lots too but worrying it was just in my head, and then I called the doctor because I needed to be sure, they told me they wouldn't give me a pregnancy test or blood test or anything which I am so shocked about. I've been feeling my boobs to see if they were sore for some kind of sign, and today they are quite tender, but now I'm wondering if they really are tender because of being pregnant or because I have been feeling them! If anyone one has any advise I would appreciate it so much
Thank you !