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Parents - I would love your help

posted 4 years 9 months ago
Hi parents,

I'm doing some research for a thesis on how parents in the UK search for a school for their kids and what challenges they face.

1. What challenges have you experienced when searching for a primary or secondary school
2. What criteria do you typically look for and is most important i.e. fees, proximity, curriculum?
3. Where do you find the information?
4. Do you use any external consultants to help with the process?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!

posted 6 months 3 weeks ago
Parents in the UK face various challenges when searching for schools, including proximity, quality of education, admission criteria, school ratings, waiting lists, curriculum alignment, proximity, teacher expertise, extracurricular activities, pastoral care, and fees. Information sources include school websites, government websites, word of mouth, open days, and external consultants. Parents should consider factors such as cost, reputation, word of mouth, open days, and external consultants to make informed decisions. The COVID-19 pandemic may also influence the school search process. To gather more specific insights, parents should reach out to UK parents through surveys, interviews, or online parenting forums.

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