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Home difficulties

posted 5 years 2 months ago
Hi everyone,
My name is Simon I am a dad of two boys and my problem is that they don't get along with my partner.
They are good kids but, break the rules of our house hold a lot as in my eldest 16 hacks the wifi when my partner changes the password and she has gone very controlling over this and had threatened to move out!
My question is this; she has told me she is fed up with my child flaunting the house rules and threatens Mr with buying Mr out and moving on, she has blocked both my kids off he wifi but, kept her own two kids on it. What do I do? Is she overreacting? Should I just cut my losses and move on? Help!!!

posted 5 years 1 month ago
Hi Simon,

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. May I ask why your partner wants to stop the boys from using the WiFi? Has she explained to them why she is making this choice? I believe you said her children have access to the WiFi. Are they living in the same house as your boys?

You have offered very little information to go by. It seems that you are not having much trouble with disciplining the boys (it's only your partner). Since I don't know the household rules, I'd suggest you go through the ones that they break and see if you have explained to them the reasons behind the rules. You cannot expect them to follow a rule that makes no sense to them. Mindless obedience is not something we want to promote in our children.

Do you get along with your partner's children? Do you believe that your partner cares about your children and wants the best for them? If the children don't trust her to make choices that are good for them, they are not going to want to follow her instructions or rules.

You have not said what you have already tried to make things better. You have not exactly mentioned the attitude of your partner or your children towards each other. I won't say give up, if this is a serious relationship that means something to do. But I don't get the feeling that you have much confidence in your partner. The worst case scenario, the kids and your partner should at least be able to be civil and fair to one another and keep out of each other's way (if that is possible in your lifestyle). If they are not compatible, don't force them to be a family. Let them maintain some space between them.

posted 4 years 9 months ago
I think i can understand both of the sides. May be it would be really better to move on.

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