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Joie elevate seat loose in xsara picasso (06 plate) middseat

posted 11 months 1 day ago
The tittle says it all.
I followed the instruction but the seat seems really loose.
Is it meant to flip about a bit or be tight to the car seat?
What am I doing wrong.

RobRob Admin
posted 11 months 21 hours ago
- My blog
Hi Cranberry!

Have you tried following the installation guide available on YouTube?

posted 10 months 4 weeks ago
I have followed that video and it's still loose.
Should it be tight against the seat? Even in the middle? Do you have a xsara picasso?

RobRob Admin
posted 10 months 4 weeks ago
- My blog
Hey. No, I don't have the Xsara (or the Joie Elevate for that matter!)

Have you tried reaching out to the Joie team on Twitter at ? They seem to respond pretty quickly to customer questions.

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