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My baby girl cant stay asleep for more than two hours!

posted 5 years 4 days ago
putting my 1 year old to sleep is a work out for me, I circle around the house a dozen times and sing every song that I can remember, at the same time I have to make sure that all the lights around are in soft degree, and there is no other noises coming from around the house, but if succeeded I only get a couple of hours to rest then I have to get back to my work out, and it's not really a thing that I can handle with a normal day job, at this point I don't really know if it is a norm thing among 1 year olds or it's some thing to take my baby to the doctor for ?

posted 4 years 10 months ago
Hi Mora,

Any update on the situation? Has things changed now?

Does the baby wake up crying or just wake up. Do you use nappies that can last several hours without turning all wet? How about baby's food before bed? She isn't waking up because of hunger, is she?

It is always safer to get the doctor's opinion. It's ok even if you don't get any extra information from the consultation. It will make you feel a lot better and will avoid regrets. I know sleep deprivation can drive you crazy. But if you are alone looking after the baby, I don't know any perfect solution.

Baby could be having nightmares. At 18 months my nephew often woke up calling somebody's name or crying, and during the day will cling on to that person and won't be comforted by anybody else. I haven't found any other solution than letting him spend time with the person and holding him close till his sobs ease (if I am that person). Something else that has worked with him when he was even younger is wrapping him up in the clothes of the person he could be missing. If it is his grandad who isn't home, I will wrap him in his used shirt and he will calm down.

What I know as normal at 1 year is the baby waking up maximum twice during a 7 hour period, needing a bottle of milk or possibly a diaper change, or sometimes just some calming talk, humming and patting...and going back to sleep in 5 mins or so...I think the waking up part is normal. It's the difficulty of the baby to get back to sleep that is worrying.

I think you should find a way to get good sleep at least once a week for your sanity. If not during night, at least during day time. Take the baby to a daycare, get a friend or relative to look after her, figure out something for at least once a week. Don't forget you are a human. Don't expect yourself to do super human things.

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