My recently turned 4 year old daughter starts school in 5 months and cannot seem to get to grips with poos on the toilet. She's been out of any sort of nappies/pull ups for over 9 months but we seem to be getting nowhere fast. Soiled pants every day.

There's been times when we think she's cracked it (instances of going fine in a potty whilst out and about months ago) and just the other week she managed to go several times at home, nursery and whilst out, but now it's lapsed again, no success for days. We've had the usual sticker charts and sweet rewards, plus just letting things take a natural course, but no luck. She can use the toilet fine (for wees - barring the odd accident) and is physically able to do things like dress herself and is even a competent teeth brusher!

No emotional or behavioral issues (her older sibling has more of those and cracked toilets at just over 3), she could happily start school now apart from this. Any ideas greatfully recieved, the clock is ticking on this one......