hi guys

I have a very volatile ex wife and trying to avoid taking her to court. So here is my proposal for a proper parenting plan, Please advise


Since March 2010 - All forms of contact has been a 2 hour supervised contact at either of the 4 venues (Big sky play centre, bowling centre, swimming or ferry meadows park) This has been strictly
1. Two hours
2. Twice a month
3. Strictly supervised by mum’s presence from start to end of contact

Since then (apart from the times contact fell apart on two occasions) and contact was reinstated by the London family courts in February 2014, Since then only one visit has been missed, due to car alternator breakdown in 2017
It is also worthy of note, that there has been notable very sharp disagreements between both parents infront of Dawn

1. Better parenting plans
2. Joint agreement on passport
3. Holidays and travel plans

I am more than happy that mother keeps the passport. On the conditions stated below
On the condition, that every single out of country holiday plans are agreed by both parents well ahead of time. As every trip is properly talked about and planned for ahead of time via written documented email
Dad too has his own out of country holiday plans. Meaning mum would surrender the passport for Dad’s out of country travel plans. Agreement will be between both dad and mum

peradventure both parents cant agree on travelling plans, then prohibitive steps will be put in place pending an agreement is reached or an agreement on Dawns passport

As out of country travel plans have been laid out above.
In country travel plans e.g. summer camps, with the UK travel plans too has to be in agreement with the agreement that both parents are happy with holidays
Dad too has his in country holidays plans


Since 2010 to date. Parenting has been the same and not changed once.

Parenting plans has not increased beyond 2 hours twice a month. Strictly supervised by mum.
My proposal for future parenting plans are thus
(a) Unsupervised parenting
(b) Yorkshire (Temporary proposal)
(c) London (Dad’s plans for Future relocation)
(d) Dad’s other side of the Family Time

*These contact sessions will NOT be supervised by mum, and will be only via pick up and drop off at designated locations

BETTER PARENTING PLANS or Future parenting plans
Dad proposes, shared parenting (now and future)
By now, meaning while he is still in Yorkshire and future, because he plans to relocate to London when things are more settled financially.

Up until now, contact has been strictly supervised and based on the fact that mum is always present at every visit
Proposed future visits will be pick up and drop off at a designated location, agreed via whatsapp or emails

(b) Yorkshire (Temporary proposal)
Dad currently lives in Yorkshire, which is a 3hour 40 mins round trip commute
Dad plans to get a 3 bedroom and have one room strictly furnished for Dawn.
Mum is welcome to inspect and visit the property

  • School Holidays
Dad proposes, Dawn spends a few days, gradually graduating to week long visits and more time added, based on how things go.

  • Summer Holidays
    Dad proposes longer visits, depending on how well initial holidays go
  • Christmas Holidays – (Same as above)
  • Family time
    I have already alerted mum of my intention of my side of the family along with nieces and nephews future visits

(c) London (Dad’s plans for Future relocation)
As alerted via email in 20 February 2019. Dad plans to relocate to London once he is financial buoyant
During this time, a more concrete parenting plan shall be put forward, e.g school sleep overs, pick off and drop off at school and other related activities

(d) Dad’s side of the family
There would also be times whereby sleep overs and weekend (gradually graduating to more weekly visits) would be in place, so dad’s side of the family too can enjoy family time