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Boy or girl?? Any ideas?

posted 5 years 2 months ago
One again I would like to thank anyone who were kind enough to give information and support for my friend. But today I would like to lighten the mood with a different topic. I have heard that there are people who had some sort of rituals or things they do when trying to get pregnant which help them decide the genre of their children. Things like diet, positions when doing the BD and many more, it does makes me curious to think about it. While I know one shouldn't impose a genre to their children and should love them regardless of if they wanted

posted 5 years 1 week ago
You can pray to goddesses of childbirth. For example, Artemis is linked to childbirth, Hecate Kourotrophos (Hecate the nurse of children) or Juno or Lucina. Also fates were believed to come when a child is born to create a destiny for him/her, you can maaaaybe pray to them to create a good one for your child.

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