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Boy or girl?? Any ideas?

posted 1 week 4 days ago
One again I would like to thank anyone who were kind enough to give information and support for my friend. But today I would like to lighten the mood with a different topic. I have heard that there are people who had some sort of rituals or things they do when trying to get pregnant which help them decide the genre of their children. Things like diet, positions when doing the BD and many more, it does makes me curious to think about it. While I know one shouldn't impose a genre to their children and should love them regardless of if they wanted them to be a boy or girl I find this topic as a way for many people, myself included, to release some stress and have a small laugh. I mean I really know TTC is a really stressful period for many people, so please share. Do you want a boy or a girl? What kind of advice you know about the topic? Please share your thoughs

posted 1 day 10 hours ago
That's such a weird thing.. Why would you do rituals like that? the gender of your baby is determined right away. It is not like by eating a banana a day, you can make a girl turn into a boy in your belly.
Obviously, if you want to go for a particular gender. Just choose it. It is easily done with pgd or pgs. whatever. Every agency nowadays has the equipment to do it.
But you are right that there is no difference between raising a boy or a girl. And one should really feel ashamed to have such stupid preferences. We are not living in the Middle ages. It does not help that I have heard a story about Chinese woman who abandoned her child because they wanted a boy not a girl. This makes me sick. Honestly.
I do not care whom we get. I really just want to love and care about human being. It itself makes me think. Am I doing the right choice? I have all of those thoughts in my head. I keep thinking about the moral grounds of me going for surro donor eggs. Who am I to the child born this way?? At least my husband is going to be the father.
That said, I really do think we should stop with all of the articles like this. We just perpetuate the image that some kind of magical thinking is a real thing. It is not. Acupuncture does not help. Eating strawberries won’t help you get birth to a girl when you are pregnant with a boy.
Excuse me for such a rant. I’m done with stuff like this.

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