So having a right bad time!
My ex who currently has custody of our 4 year old child has once again stopped contact. This time putting it down to me apparently emotionally abusing her last time she came to visit. Aparently Ive told her some nasty things (she gets upset when she has to leave as she clearly dosent see me enough so i hugged her and told her she could come stay again next time n to go to daddy as its time to go home) and refuses to tell me what ive said. He then goes on to say ive harrased him and that his informed the police (i admit i did go over the top texting him but on the texts you can clearly see in one stage im upset about him pulling her away the way he does n the 2nd set u can clearly see im trying to see if my child is safe as i was worried he was leaving her with his gf although the social worker told him not to). I havernt heard nothing from the police either.
5 weeks ago he told me he had sorted mediation and i would hear something soon. I hadnt heard a thing so this morning booked a mediation miam session and informed him of this. His reply was that he had already had his appointment and has been informed to just go strait to court. I havernt heard a single thing from any of this and was also wondering if this was normal...
Little one went to stay with her dad in june time as i thought best as i was recovering from mental health and didnt want her seeing me in a state and learning from it. since then ive had on n off contact because of her dad. seems that after every 3/4 contacts he kicks up a stink about something that he has absolutly no proof of.... and i still get the blame although i done everything i have for her benefit and hes using it to his advantage for some sick game!
Not sure if im looking for advice or just need to rant but thanks for reading!