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Happy to be a mom in a year or so

posted 1 month 1 day ago
Hi everyone!
I do not know if it is the right place to write. I could not find any suitable category. So I figured I’d write here an introduction post just so we all meet and get know each other.
My name is Elvia. I am a 55 years old woman with a hope to have a baby at the beginning of the next year. I have started a program using donor eggs and now am waiting to be matched with a carrier. Well, obviously I am not waiting to be matched with one, the agency is looking to match her with a donor.
We’ve signed with a ukrainian clinic. I am as straight forward with this as I can be. I know that ukrainian clinics have quite a weird reputation on forums. However everyone talks about them and that was a major push for us.
We’ve been to a few clinics when we visited Ukraine the first time. And even though they were all different and comfy, the one that caught our attention was the one we signed with. We’ve been emailing our manager back and forth for the longest time, months before we decided upon our first visit to Ukraine. That’s why I personally think that she influenced our choice a lot. The prospect of meeting the woman who will be carrying our child at the beginning of the program and the whole support that we are already getting from the agency, is overwhelming actually. We are thankful that for such little money we are still treated this way.
My husband underwent a ton of checkups even prior to coming to Ukraine. I just had to give them a proof of my inability of getting and being pregnant. Which is now the easiest part. As for someone who had 5 m/c and now is on her 56 year of life, I am blessed to live in the world where this is possible.
Of course, we wouldn’t have stopped even if there was no other choice than adoption. But this still seems a lot easier and cheaper.
Anyways, this is it.
I hope to hear from anyone here.

posted 1 day 11 hours ago
Hi! Nice to meet you!
Honestly, I feel the same. I have been trying to start discussions on different forums. But to no avail. Everyone is very suspicious. And you will not get any reply. This is if you are lucky. If not, you’re just get banned. For no reason. Why would I not want to talk about something that bothers me. Like a lot. I am already stressed out. And this is a sole way to calm down. I also want to read other people’s opinions. What if I make the wrong choice?
I have chosen the same tx as you did. However, we’re not yet there. We are only hoping to start the program. But are still not sure. The country of our choice is the same as yours. I feel like there are a lot of cheap options. Which is good when you count every penny.
But I am not sure whether you have been treated by the same stuff.
Did you hear about WCOB? It’s where we are planning to go.
All this aside, I am happy to hear that the age does not define you! It is very inspiring. I want to with you all the best!
I can only hope to start the journey. Still so much to be done.

posted 1 day 10 hours ago
Oh my god! Just got the notif. Thanks for leaving a reply. Was wondering why it was still empty all those days.
Nevermind. I am really happy rn.
We have still 1 or 1.5 month left before the program starts. We will be going to Ukraine for that. Also, yes, I have def heard about it. I’d better PM you or something. I do not feel like discussing it here. I feel like it is not welcomed. I understand where you are coming from. But honestly, I feel like it is also dangerous to share all this information on the internet. There are plenty FB groups. By the way, I can add you into one. There’s 5 of us at the moment. But we are still expanding so do not worry. I mean, this FB group is for those who have signed with world center of baby. Of course, only if you want to!!
Yes, my age is just a number. Although, I wish I was stronger to start the treatment earlier. Unfortunately, you have to make up your mind before making such a serious step. Or fortunately. you know Smile It is for the better. Now, our future baby will get the best parent in the whole universe. we hope so!
Thank you for such a kind message.
I wish you the best of luck!

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