Hi guys,

I'm not a parent, I am a survivor of sexual abuse and blackmail and have given lots of advice to people to avoid going through what I went through. Recently, I have been receiving spam emails saying that my computer has been hacked and that I have been recorded jerking off to porn. As an adult I was able to recognise this as spam straight away however it maybe the case that if a teenager received such an email they might not recognise it and attempt to pay the demanded money via bitcoin. If you have a kid it might be worth talking to them about online safety. I regularly go on dodgy sex-chat rooms and teach the young teenagers on there (which there always are!) safety advice such as: taping over the webcam, never meeting someone off the internet, not opening files sent to them, VPN etc.

hopefully we can get a discussion going and you guys can share your advice with each other, I know its a very troubling subject but if we all start talking about it more then it wont seem so disturbing!