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Trying to express

posted 8 months 4 weeks ago
Hi. I’ve never been on here before but looking for a bit of help. My little girl is nearly 11 months old and has always been breastfed. As I’m returning to work in January I want to start getting her used to a bottle now so I know she will be ok when I am not home. I will be working 12 hour shifts, day and night. However I find expressing so difficult!! No matter how long I express for, I get very little milk. I’ve tried different pumps but still have the same issue. I can get about 2oz in 30 minutes and then it just stops. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to get more milk or to speed it up? I don’t know how I’m ever going to get enough to leave for while I’m not here

posted 8 months 3 weeks ago
Hi Smile I think you should rest more. Also you should improve your diet. Eat more veggies and and fruits. Stay health and your body will follow. Smile

posted 8 months 3 weeks ago
Hi. Can I ask what has made you think that I need to rest more and improve my diet? Just wondering as I did not mention in my question that I am struggling with either of these. I have had no problems feeding my healthy daughter for the last 11 months. I just find that expressing does not come easily for me

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