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How do you want to be treated?

posted 5 years 6 months ago
I am an advocate of do unto others what you want done to you.I emphasize so much on using the magic words which I list as Thank you. please, Excuse me. Often times as adult we tend to forget that most good gestures towards us are not our rights, rather the benevolence of the giver. As adults most of our habits are here to say, how about our little ones, do we allow them to live life as they please, I use the word live life without borders . whatever as a parent you instill into your kids be ready to reap the fruit out of it. toddlers are at a stage in their live where you can impact a great deal, they are like bags where books are put into, if treated properly do remain intact. whatever you teach your kids at these stage be rest assured positive or negative will be the result.
I am not just a writer of my words but also a doer, I do speak to kids around about the way you treat other shows who you are and also has a way of returning back to you. the bottom line is how would you want to be treated?

posted 5 years 4 months ago
So true. Our kids follow our example

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