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Online Christmas List Suggestions

posted 10 months 17 hours ago
Hi all, I'm looking for some suggestions for an online Christmas list for my little ones - something a little easier than paper and a pen! Sad Face Have you used one before, and is there anything in the small print I should be looking out for? Thanks, Flo

posted 10 months 11 hours ago
For a baby shower a few months ago I was sent an online gift list from a friend. I don't know if they're a sponsor, so I won't put a link, just google for "Things To Get Me" I think they do christmassy lists and weddings as well. What do you mean by small print? Its free to create a list and share out to as many guests as you want.

posted 9 months 4 weeks ago
Thanks, ThingsToGetMe looked nice and simple, certainly a lot simpler than some of the others I looked at.

posted 9 months 3 weeks ago
Good food is a good gift for them

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