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Multipurpose educational toys

posted 3 years 9 months ago
Hi Everyone! I'm a design and technology student, and I would appreciate your help with my coursework by answering a few questions.

I'm going to design and make a multipurpose educational toy for children. It is going to have storage so that it can be easily brought when travelling and also to allow portability.

I made a questionnaire to help me find out what are the needs of my consumers, what kind of products they would buy and other information relevant to my coursework. Your input will help improve the design of my product.

1. What material would you prefer the toy to be made out of? Eg wood, metal, plastic
2 How much would spend for an educational toy?
3. How many toys do you bring when travelling?
4.Do you face any problem when bringing toys while travelling?
5 Do you prefer the toy be simple or have many parts?
5. Does the size of the toy matter?
6. What is more important?
a. Low cost b. aesthetics c. Function

I really appreciate your time and participation.
Thank you very much!

posted 3 years 9 months ago

Although, Everyone parent or kid has different demands for toys... I will try to give my best opinion for your questions.

1) I do prefer plastic material
2) I would prefer to buy a toy for under $100
3) Normally 2 but 3 to 4 in rare cases
4) Yes, they take too much space
5) When it comes to educational toys, they should have different parts so kids can learn from them. See this collection for an idea.

6) Small toys are more preferable by me
7) Low cost and high quality

Best of luck julian!

posted 2 years 2 months ago

1. Wood
2. I would spend around £20 - £30
3. 2-3
4. Yes. Size
5 Simple
5. Yes
6. c. Function

posted 1 year 4 months ago
I don't often buy toys, they're all wooden. Plastic often breaks and a child can get hurt, and besides, I don't see the point of buying them. Usually children get bored with these toys very quickly.

posted 1 year 2 months ago
I have two bike trailler and they are worth every penny. We had kids belly laughing as we were going around burns and over rollers and bumps today. We bottom them out quite often. The kickstand takes a beating, but shows little scraps

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