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I am TTC Share Your Ideas

posted 5 years 9 months ago
Hi Ladies!
I am glad that I have found this forum. I have read through a few of the comments and I think they have made me relax and feel free from sharing my story with the rest of the members. I am 23 years old married and TTC. It has been six months since my fiancé and I moved in. We agreed that there was no more time to waste and so we started TTC immediately. I ‘m not using any family planning method. In fact, this is the reason that is making me get even more scared. By all standards, I guess I should be pregnant by now but this is not the case. My husband is 30 years old and will be happy if I broke the news. Now to hit the nail on the head, I am worried because I may not conceive. I don’t know this is why I want to seek for advice from experienced members from this forum. Now when I was 19 years old, I conceived but since I was still in college I decided to abort. I conceived once again when 21 years. I did not like the father of my would be a child so I decided to abort once again. It is for this reason that I felt that maybe my inability to conceive has anything to do with these abortions. Some sixth sense is telling me that I may never be a happy mother especially after I terminated those to pregnancies. Please, good ladies, feel free to share your experiences related to my story.

posted 5 years 9 months ago
Hi Valvee,
I am really sorry because of the situation you find yourself in. However, you should not despair since there is always something that can be done to save the situation. Now you have told us that you have been married for six months and you are getting scared since you have not conceived. I guess six months is a short period and that you are overacting. I know plenty of women who have not been able to conceive in their early years of marriage but they have eventually become happy mothers later in their lives. So crying just because you have been in a marriage for 6 months and there is nothing to show that you have been married for that time is not fair. Of course, it is true that many women have conceived in their first month of marriage and they have led a happy life. However, it does not mean that you should also conceive within the first six months. Just be patient and your reward will come. Now you have mentioned that you aborted twice while in school and college and you suspect that it could be the cause of your troubles. Well, I am not a doctor but I think it all depends on how the abortion was carried out. If it was surgical, it is possible that the doctor may have scarred your uterine meaning that it may be difficult for the fertilized egg to get attached. If this is the case, you can plan to go for another surgery that will correct it. This way you will conceive and give birth to children.

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