Yoonla is an affiliate advertising and CPA ( cost per action ) program. Rather than getting paid per sale, you get paid per action.

Before I start to explain what Yoonla is about I want to explain what CPA marketing is so you can get an idea of what you are going to get into.

CPA marketing allows you yo earn money online without making a sale.

You just need to get someone to click on your affiliate link and create a free account and that’s it.

For this action you will be rewarded from $0.50 up to 10 or maybe even $20.

But from my experience I can tell you that it’s extremely hard to get someone to click on your link and create a free account.

You won’t believe me but it’s true. So, don’t think CPA marketing is an easy way to make money online. It’s not.

I tried it many times and even made some money through CPA marketing.

Reno Van Boven from New Zealand is the founder of Yoonla and before Yoonla he had two other projects, such as Auto Affiliate X and Affiliate App System.

These two projects were stopped. As I know, currently Boven is running Yoonla only.

You can earn money as ($2) ($4) per lead and as a paid member ($15-$30) per lead

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