MUMS AND DADS: Hi all – hope you don’t mind us posting here – but am emailing from The One Show, where we want to know (anonymously!) what your biggest guilty parenting confessions are. The One Show's launching a new strand and we want to hear about sneaky parenting tricks, and embarrassing parenting mishaps. Have you lied to your kids about the rules of a game so you'd win every time? Wrapped up baby toys that they already own and given them back to them as Christmas presents? Blamed something on them that was actually your fault? Or have there been any mishaps which you can’t believe happened? Left them in the supermarket aisle, only to realize once you’d driven home? You can be as honest as you like – these are all going to be anonymous! If you’re happy to share your story, email [][/url]
with ‘Parenting Confessions’ in the subject, or – if you’re less worried about anonymity – pop it in the comments below. Thanks!