Hello anyone who reads this. Im looking for advice or even just a "you're over reacting" anything would help right now.
So to start I will admit I'm not an angel, I'm argumentative and stubborn. I know that's causing some issues.
Anyway on to the rest. I have two kids under two and I have fairly serious health issues which I am waiting on surgery for. Over the last year or so I've felt my husband has been less than supportive and I feel like it's getting worse. He rarely gets up before 10am I have to aruge with him for him to wake up. Meanwhile I've been up since 6/7am with the kids. He then complains if certain things haven't been done even if I wasn't aware they needed done. Goes off on rants about the state of the house (not going to lie my kitchen can be untidy at times due to not being able to do much at times.), won't put off having his cigarette so I could maybe go to the bathroom or make coffee, then complains about our eldest being mischievous and loses his temper quickly. I hear never ending remakes about how he is gonna lose it and what not but even though he knows he's not coping he won't see a doctor. I do all the house work... I wish I could say I'm exaggerating and if you listen to him I am but I do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, 90% of the child care and take care of all appointments as such like. He's been more and more short tempered as the weeks have gone on screaming and shouting at me about silly stupid stuff like food packaging not being in the bin or shampoo bottles sitting out in the bathroom....

Anyway I guess what I'm asking is what do I do?