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TTC from almost 7 years

posted 1 week 6 days ago
Hey every one. Hope every one is doing well. I am facing infertility issues from last 7 years. And still don't conceive. I never stopped trying, i am finding best solutions t get rid of my infertility problem. I joined different forums to know about these process. And i am finding information regarding this. I can't wait any more because i have done many abortions in my life. And i am facing infertility issues because of that. I regret about this but now all i have to do is to find other solutions. I find different good clinics which are offering surrogacy process. I have to choose between them. I am planing to visit clinic in Ukraine because i read many good things about them. I am hoping for the best, i need your support and suggestions.

posted 1 week 6 days ago
A fertility problem may be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face. The advanced fertility treatments are giving new hope to couples who are suffering from infertility. Hope you will find a good clinic. Best wishes.

posted 1 week 4 days ago
hey, dear girl!There is nothing as heart-wrenching then hearing such a thing as you cannot have a baby.That is the greatest gift a person could ever get but not being able to do so is very depressing but you must get up look into the matters with a stronger first get it in your mind that you will have your baby one day for sure.The technology has been developed so much we have various means of getting a baby, including the procedures, are IVF, IUI OR surrogacy.One of my dear friends tried surrogacy and was so happy with the result that got it done the second time.She tells me all about it how the clinics helped her psychologically, how the multilingual staff helped her, how their facilities made her comfortable by accommodation etc.The donors were chosen by her for surrogacy as she herself was infertile.Her husband was supportive enough.All of this was quite cheap as well.So never lose hope sister your time will come soon.As for the clinic you are talking about I have heard so much of it and my friend also got it done from there so have faith.Much love and support.

posted 1 week 4 days ago
Jenna thanks so much. you provide many good information. Yes i research about the surrogate mother. I am looking forward to it. But i am not sure. I am still very confused. I can't face other problems in my life. I am already going through from different problems. And finding it difficult to face other, that why i want to be sure before choosing this. I want to have a baby in any condition. But i am not getting the desired information. I trust your suggestion, Thanks again for your kind reply. If you have more information regarding this kindly inform me about that.

posted 1 week 4 days ago
Hey there. Hope you are fine. I am sorry to hear about you. You are a strong lady. You are being positive. You are fighting it. It is great to know that you have decided to fight rather than sit and regret. You are an inspiration to many. Wish you luck.
Baby dust on you.
More power to you Smile

posted 1 day 19 hours ago
Hey there Olivia. I am glad that you have finally decided to go for a treatment as 7 years is a very long period. The clinic you have mentioned in your post is one of the really good ones. As soo, many people suggest it and are constantly talking about. I even researched on them and they truly are very humble and kind. They try to answer all the questions and are really nice. They even hold meetings for their abroad customers just to let them in on all the important topics. The surrogate mothers are also very happy with the way they are treated. I personally think you are making a great decision. Stay positive and best of luck.

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