Hey everyone! I am Monika a 35-year-old woman. I got married 6 years ago and since then have not been able to conceive. I haven't had my AF for the longest time I can remember. My doctor told me that I was low on AMH and high on FSH. Which means that although my ovaries to produce eggs but those eggs are not that fertile and are poorly made. All this made both my husband and me into thinking that we would never become parents. However, recently I met a friend of mine who was extremely shocked that I didn't opt for the various alternatives present. She had her very adorable daughter along and told me that even she couldn't get naturally pregnant and had to go for IVF. She said it worked on 3rd cycle and one has to be very patient. Therefore, now I really need an insight into this. Whether IVF in my situation works out. Also, what clinic is known for this process and what are the success rates.