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polycystic ovarian syndrome

posted 3 weeks 4 days ago
Hi guys!! I hope you all will be enjoying best of your health. I am new in this forum and I am very happy to see the collaborative efforts of members for making it very fruitful for those who have complications in their conception, pregnancy and birth. Its good to know that everyone is keen to give helpful suggestions to the needy. I am also here to discuss the matter of my friend. She has been married for about 4 years but she couldn’t get pregnant till yet although she tried every possible method. Now the doctors are saying that she is having PCOS and its very complicated for her to become a mother in future. I am very much worried about her as she is very sensitive lady and her husband is not showing good behavior after knowing her illness. She has been completely shattered. I cannot see her pain and her continuous depression is making my life very disturbing. Some of her relatives are suggesting her for IVF or surrogacy. But according to me, there is no need of surrogacy at this time. She has to wait for the treatment to be accomplished and then take any decision. But she is very confused now and is not getting an appropriate answer. I want you all to give me a good suggestion for her. Thanks.

posted 3 weeks 2 days ago
Hey there. I hope you're doing good. Yes, you're right. We're just like a family here. We care for each other. And try to help each other like we're a team. Secondly, I'm so sorry about your friend's PCOS. Actually, it can be treated by considering good lifestyles. Suggest her to do yoga on daily basis. Try eating healthy fiber food. And avoid junk food. I know that she must be very depressed over the situation. Support and love is everything in these hard times. But her husband is also not showing her any support. This is really the worst thing ever. Suffering from one thing and not getting enough love and support. Try making her feel good. Spend more time with her. She'll be fine in that way. Suggest her this forum too. Take care of yourself and your friend. I hope everything goes right for her. Much love.

posted 3 weeks 2 days ago
Hello ladies.I have PCOS and have had two babies.The Drs kept throbbing me off too until I decided not to try anymore and the following month I fell pregnant. Although it did take me a while to fall pregnant, it will happen once your friend is stressfree and least expect. Try not to stress, have the mentality of what will be.... will be and enjoy it.I'm sure your friend will be fine. All the best for the future of your friend.

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