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Help please asap

posted 6 years 3 months ago
Hey everyone! I hope that you all are doing good! I'm here to have some suggestions from you guys. I hope that you'll help. I know TTC is really a tough thing. My friend's going through this for about 5 years. She has done IVF too. But had no results. She has a continuous stress from her in-laws too. She's really disappointed now. I always try to make her forget about the whole situation but she can't just get it out of her mind. She's so desperate to have a child. She wanted to go for surrogacy too but her family refuses to accept this. Now she's just hoping to conceive naturally. The doctor declares her to be totally fertile. So we don't know what really the problem is. So do you guys know anything that she can try or do? Any suggestions? Anyone of you going through a similar TTC journey? It would be so nice if you guys help. Looking forward to good positive replies. Thank you so much in advance.

posted 6 years 3 months ago

Sorry for what is happening to your friend. Most ladies who find it difficult to conceive will always find themselves at a crossroad. However, all is not lost, and your friend can still be helped to become a happy mother. As a matter of fact, you have indicated that your friend has gone for tests and they have proven her fertile. This being the case, we can conclude that it is her husband who has a problem. Has her husband tried to go for the test? If he has what is the doctor’s report. Of course, I am aware that men will always argue that it is their women who are infertile and so may not want to go for tests. However, the truth of the matter is that just like women, men can also be infertile. So it is prudent that your friend’s husband is tested before we recommend on the way forward. Now the other thing that we need to look at is why IVF is failing. I suspect that the lady may be having unknown fertility issues that are making it difficult for her to conceive and carry the pregnancy. This is why I suggest that her relatives should be considerate and allow her to try surrogacy. This way, it will help lessen the pain as we hope that with time, she may be able to conceive naturally. I would also advise the family to think the adoption way. The thing is that the couple should have some children as they continue with their TTC journey.

posted 6 years 3 months ago
Hey Alicia! I'm sorry to hear about your friend. She is going through a very hard time. It's good that you're with her.
You say that doctors claim she is fully fertile. But she doesn't conceive not even after IVF. Has the husband gone through a medical exam? Maybe there is some problem there. If not they should get a genetic diagnosis. Maybe both are carriers of some genetic disease incompatible with life.
These were some ideas that popped into my head.
May they find a solution soon! I hope she gets a good news soon. Stay positive. Stay blessed! Smile

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hey, tell your friend to go for it. She should think about her own happiness. Her family is being stupid. She wants a child. they will never understand it. She doesn't need their permission to be happy. Try to make her understand. Give her all your support.

posted 6 years 2 months ago
I am so sorry to know about your friend. It is really some difficult situation to cope with. But as you said she wants to go with surrogacy. I would like to tell you that it is a great procedure. I also went through it, now my baby is 7 months old. Smile She should try to make her family's mind. As it will not cause any harm to any of them. Try to tell them the benifits of surrogacy. Lots of love and luck to you.

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