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IVF or Surrogacy?

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hi guys! I hope you all are doing fine. Today I m here for some advice. My cousin is having some hard time TTC. Now she wants to give up, but someone told her to try IVF or surrogacy. Can someone tell me which clinic is best for it? And will it be successful?

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hi Alicia ! I hope that you will be fine. Well I feel very sorry for your friend`s loss and I can do only is to give her a valuable suggestion. In my opinion, if she has a hard time in conceiving then she must go to a doctor who will give her a better solution. But in case, the doctor is unable to give any suitable suggestion then I would prefer for you to go for IVF. It’s a very safe technique and nothing is to be worried about it. It only requires external fertilization of egg and sperm in laboratory conditions and implantation in female`s womb. Its not expensive as we are thinking but it`s very friendly to the couples who are trying to conceive. I wish your cousin a best of luck. Thanks.

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hi, well we are always here to support you. TTC can become difficult after a certain age or even due to some infertility issues. Did she have a proper checkup of herself as well as her husband before reaching to any conclusions? Giving up is never an option and I wanting you to just be her support and give her hope. IVF and surrogacy are brilliant fertility treatments gaining wide success worldwide and my friend living in Berlin just got her IVF done from a Ukrainian clinic, she’s waiting to see if the attempt is successful. Let me tell you one thing that there is always some chances just like natural pregnancy that these treatments won’t become successful, but they are worth the try.

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hi AliciaJuarez,
Of course, you are aware as much as I do that it is a little bit difficult to point out a clinic that is the best. One of the reasons for this is that one may be lucky to receive services from a particular experienced doctor and so it does not follow that you will be assigned the same doctor. However, I will comment on the main items you need to consider when considering the clinic to go to. The first consideration is the price. It is true that clinics in the US and Canada are way too expensive compared to their competitors in Europe. This means that if you are running a tight budget or you are financially constraint, then European based clinics would be the ideal ones. In fact, if you choose to have the service in Europe, you will spend a quarter of the amount you would spend if you were to have the same service in the United States. Other than the price, you also need to look at the success rate of the clinic. Beware that most clinics will falsify their success rate in their adverts. So it is prudent that you take your time and have a look at government reports about the clinic. You may also need to check the clinic's website and look at what people have said about the clinic. Of course, a few negative reviews do not mean that the clinic is useless. A good clinic should have both negative and positive reviews. Lastly, you may select a few facilities and visit them so that you can make an informed opinion about it.

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hey Alicia!
How are you?
Has your cousin taken any tests to find out the cause? Has she tried any other methods like IUI?
If she hasn't had herself and her husband checked out yet you should suggest that they do.
If after all that she still wants to know about IVF then here goes:
IVF is in vitro fertilization. They take out the egg and the sperm and unite them outside body in special environment. Then they transfer it back to mother to be's uterus.
A lot of clinics are offering the IVF services. In Europe, Ukraine, America. I have recently heard about the one in Ukraine has good reviews. But you should expand your research before deciding on a clinic. Make an informed decision.
Good Luck!

posted 6 years 2 months ago
hey girl! according to me, surrogacy is very much a safe and sound option as I have taken an idea of it from one of my dear friends who couldn't conceive herself and resorted to surrogacy.You must look for the clinics abroad, among them, the one in Ukraine has been in news lately and my friend also got her work done from there as well.She is recommending it to everybody.The expense is quite cheap as compared to their facilities of unlimited tries and accommodation etc.You should look into it more through this site this will help you out and give you a more clearer picture

posted 6 years 1 week ago
Hey Alicia, I know how hard it is to cope with the persistent deprivation of motherhood. I have been TTC for years. Also, done few attempts of IVF cycle. Due to my low ovarian reserve with low AMH, I couldn't conceive naturally. So yeah.. it was pretty hard to go through. Surrogacy work great for those who can't conceive naturally. She may have to go through some tests which could determine what will work best for her. I would advise going for surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy will allow her to have her own biological child without having to carry it. Moreover, If her eggs deceive her, then she can go for donor eggs. Both IVF and surrogacy are not cheap but there are countries who have surrogacy-friendly laws and offer it at compatible prices. I am persuing surrogcay. Flying to Eatern Europe to meet my surorgate. Me and OH vsisted the clinic, upon confirming that its best for us financially as well as for surrogacy.So, she may have to visit the clinic before deciding for one. Good Luck

posted 6 years 1 week ago
Hey there. How is everything going? I hope its all great. I am really really sorry to hear about your friend. It's great that you care about her. Glad to see you hear on her behalf. I think she should not give up. TTC can be hard I know. I have been through it with no success. Talking about IVF it's a great choice too. You can find a lot of good clinics abroad in Ukraine. I hope it helps. I wish you good luck. Good luck to your friend too. Take care.

posted 6 years 3 days ago
Hey Alicia!I am doing good.I hope that you are fine too.I feel really sorry for your cousin that she is having a hard time TTC.I think she shouldn't give up yet.But if she decided to give up then she should go for other options.While looking at infertility processing choices you need to take into reckoning the reason you need fertility aid before making the choice to try IVF first or go right to surrogacy. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is based on the assumption that the expected mother can carry a child to term but is having difficulty getting and/or staying pregnant. This problem can be caused by any amount of medical problems, with one or both expected parents, but is often caused by ovulation issues with the woman.IVF is an infertility procedure that takes over the process of ovulation and controls it.On the other hand, surrogacy is for women who cannot carry a child to term, even if they can get pregnant with the help of IVF.But I think she should go with surrogacy.In the end, it's just my point of view she should go with what she feels safe with.May God bless her with a child.Give all my best wishes to her.XOXO Wink

posted 6 years 2 days ago
Hi!How are you?Sorry to hear about your cousin.I know it is very painful.But I am glad to hear that she is now thinking about surrogacy.Surrogacy is a way by which intended parents can get baby.It is a safe and secure technique.Do not worry about anything.There are some Ukrainian clinics which are best in this.It is a golden chance for infertile couples to fulfill their dreams of children.Your cousin should try surrogacy.Surrogacy allows infertile couples to become parents.My best wishes to her.Do not waste any moment and go for it.God bless her.

posted 6 years 23 hours ago
Hey. Hope you are fine. Sorry to hear about your cousin. It would be a hard time for her. I hope she would be a mother soon. I have heard much about IVF and another process. Both have pros and cons. IVF is a bit painful procedure and sometimes it fails in its first attempt. another one is successful than IVF. The intended parents have right on the baby before its birth so the substitute mother cannot change her mind. Just go to the right hospital. Many of them are affordable. In gestational, the infant hereditarily has a link with the expected guardians. In traditional, the substitute mother genes have an effect on child DNA. I know few clinics in UK and Europe since I have done analysis on it for my Research studies. I hope this would help you a bit.

posted 6 years 19 minutes ago
hello dear. hope our cousin is fine. tell her not to worry. and stay strong. I would suggest her to go for surrogacy. but first, it's better to consult a doctor that what would be better for her condition. surrogacy is basically helpful for women who have poor egg quality and might be unable to conceive through IVF. you can go to Biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. good privacy policies. guidance and care by the doctors are just perfect. I know about this because my sister is going through surrogacy too. hope it might help. take care love. bye.

posted 5 years 11 months ago
Hello. I am so sorry to learn that. I have seen and heard numerous cases this way. My friend was young when she was unable to get pregnant. She attempted however fizzled. Her specialist said that it might be on account of she is excessively youthful. She was vexed yet attempted. It took 3 couple of years, however, no luckiness. So when she came to think about her barrenness it was somewhat late. She went for treatment however she simply squandered her opportunity. At last, when she was 29 she made her mind to go for other than IVF. Dont go for IVF. She took the plunge and now she is living with her infant. I am so upbeat for her that she settled on a correct decision. She is intending to have another child. I am upbeat that she think that its useful.

posted 5 years 8 months ago
I’m 45, just finished my 3rd IVF cycle. Been trying to conceive for 2 years. Married for only 3 years. Our Dr. felt this was our best chance for a baby. I've had an Ectopic pregnancy in which I lost my right tube and 1 miscarriage. No more time to waste. Everything has gone really well. All tests came back surprisingly great. So much so that we used my own eggs. Transferred 3 embryos. Dr. was extremely pleased that I produced such good eggs. Now in 2ww period. Test in two days. Feel like this time everything will be great. Still nervous a bit. Any good results out there to put my mind at ease??

posted 5 years 8 months ago
I am glad that your cousin has shared her story with you. This has made it possible for you to share the story here so that we all brainstorm on possible solutions. For your information, both IVF and surrogacy work. It all depends on the nature of the problem being solved. The doctor will recommend either of the methods depending on the prevailing circumstances. But first, your sister must be examined by a competent fertility doctor. It helps the doctor to establish the problem that is making it difficult for her to conceive. This is way, it becomes easier for them to recommend for an appropriate solution. Perhaps other users can benefit if I explain the circumstances under which the two procedures can be used. Let me start with surrogacy. It is normally considered an option in a case where a woman cannot carry a pregnancy to full term. It may be as a result of defects in her womb that leads to miscarriage. When the doctors confirm this, they may recommend for surrogacy. An egg is then retrieved from the woman fertilized in the lab and transferred to the womb of a surrogate mother. She carries the baby and gives it to the intended mother after delivery. On the other hand, IVF is considered an option when a woman is unable to conceive. She may be ovulating normally but the fact that she cannot conceive on her own makes it mandatory for her to seek IVF services. In this case, her own egg could be used or doctors may choose to use donated eggs.

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