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Single infertile mother

posted 1 month 3 days ago
Hey, just wanted to share my experiences of being a single, infertile mother. Essentially, when I got married, my then husband and I wanted to have kids really badly but unfortunately, we couldn't because it was impossible for my body to carry a pregnancy to full term. As supportive as he was for a while, the family pressures on my husband and I were too much and so, my husband and I got divorced. But I did not let that stop me because I still wanted children. I was independent enough to know I could do it, just to spite everyone.So I went ahead with surrogacy and had a series of awkward, painful and stress-inducing trips to the clinic. After that, I had my beautiful son. I love him and I will teach him to be strong for not only himself but also for others.

posted 3 weeks 4 days ago
Hi Ellashuck! Thanks for sharing your story here, it’s very inspirational and courageous. I know that there are many clinics offering surrogacy around the world, but most of them are offering it to couples. It is helpful for someone else who is going through the same pain if you could mention the name of clinic. Wish you good luck!

posted 2 weeks 4 days ago
Congratulations to you. You are such a inspiration for all us. Who are facing infertility issues in their life. By reading your post i have decided finally to go through from the process of surrogacy. I have done my homework about surrogacy and decided to have a surrogacy process. But i am little bit confused about the clinics. There are many good clinics providing this treatment. I am looking forward to clinic in Ukraine. I read many good things about them on different forums. I want your suggestions regarding this.

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