I've recently entered my third trimester, and two days prior I was enduring with what I thought was simply terrible issues, they went back and forth for around 90 minutes, at that point at long last ceased after a steaming shower and paracetamol. A similar thing happened the previous evening, yet with a fixing looking about my tummy, so I attempted all the typical things, yet the torment got intolerable, and I ended up in a ball, in tears. Nothing appeared to help. Anyway, I called my maternity specialist who said it is best to go to clinic and get examined (as I've had a couple of issues up to this point in my pregnancy) I got the opportunity to see a specialist essentially when I arrived and they revealed to me my infant is huge and had moved himself into an unbalanced position (in all probability an arm or a leg) and stalled out, which put weight on my waters, causing compression like torments. After a short time, the infant was moved physically, and the help was mind-boggling. They've guaranteed me it's not untimely work, and there has been no harm done to me or my infant. I was trusting somebody could reveal insight into this for me as it never transpired in my first pregnancy, and I can't discover anything on the web that is applicable to my circumstance. Is there a therapeutic term for what was the deal? or on the other hand is it just me being a wuss and my child being a squirm?