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Sharing my freelance experience

posted 6 years 2 months ago
I started freelancing after my baby was born. I used to work in an office before. But after the baby, I didn't want to go to office daily. I don't trust maids with babies. I wanted to take care of my kiddo myself. It's been 3 years now. I am earning good enough amount through freelance writing. I don't regret leaving my job. I spend good enough time with my baby and earn good enough.How do you other women manage? Your baby with work? I usually work after my kiddo is asleep. But sometimes, it gets hectic when I don’t get enough sleep. But it’s worth a lot. I get to spend time with my child all the day. I usually have to take a lot of coffee all the day.

posted 6 years 1 month ago
coffee is a good solution, however I get very nervous after 3 cups so I decided to try out green tea and this is awesome!

posted 6 years 4 weeks ago
Thanks, very interesting. Also want to try

posted 5 years 7 months ago
I also switched to a freelancing job routine when i turned into a mom. Since then I have been doing freelancing consistently. Somehow i find this routine more flexible and high paying then conventional jobs.

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